Monday, December 15, 2008

Lost Wars, Lost Cultures, Lost Culture-Wars

Barack Obama occasionally makes a speech about getting past the "culture-wars" of the Sixties, but he probably doesn't mean getting past the Voting Rights Act of 1964 or the Civil Rights Act of 1965 or the very few other lasting accomplishments of culture-warriors like Martin Luther King, before the "culture-wars of the Sixties" ended 30 years ago with the draconian Rockefeller drug laws, Reagan's tax rebellion, non-stop expansion of the "defense" establishment, and deregulation of everything that the ever-lasting power elite could turn into money.

So here's a simple message for our new President:

The bad guys won.

The rest of us lost in Vietnam, and 58,000 of us Americans, and 2,000,000 of us East-Asians died there, but the bad guys squeezed hundreds of billions of dollars out of all that slaughter, and used it to finance Reagan and Gingrich and all the other cockroaches that finally turned the United States into the hated, flat-broke former empire of 2008.

The bad guys won.

The rest of us lost in Vietnam, and the ancient culture of Vietnam was destroyed. The rest of us lost in Iraq, and the ancient culture of Iraq was destroyed, and now it's our turn.

The media never even noticed when middle-class culture was transmogrified into something that even the immediately previous generation wouldn't have recognized.

Academia and the media treated the disappearance of stay-at-home moms as a footnote in the saga of "women's liberation," and millions of new female bodies in the work-force meant that the most material elements of middle-class culture persisted for another few decades, while the life that was lived in single-family middle-class dwellings underwent an archaeological transformation.

It wasn't much of a life-style choice. Mom gets a job, or we lose the house.

So now it takes two "middle-class" jobs to support the external remnant of middle-class culture, and those jobs are disappearing at a rate of 100,000 per week, but the humongous fortunes accumulated by banking tycoons have been preserved by untraceable multi-trillion-dollar give-aways.

The bad guys won.

The bad guys are still winning.

It's something every President should know.

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